Manifesto against the closing of Lukács Archive in Hungary

The Instituto Lukács and his associates express deep sadness and concern over the closing of the Lukács Archive by the Hungarian government. It is sorrowful for all those who advocate the process of dissemination and socialization of the revolutionary legacy produced by the classics of Marxism, and by interpreters like Lukács, to see the neglect of the lukacsian collection. The closing make it impossible to researchers spread all over the world and interested in investigating his thinking to access the original works produced by this great contemporary philosopher.That is, indeed, a disregard for the production of human knowledge, that sets out to investigate life in society beyond immediate appearances.

Everyone knows the legacy that this great intellectual of Marxism left us in terms of critical and revolutionary theory, even under unfavorable circumstances permeated by declining interest in Marxism. The recapture of Marxian foundations about the social being, and the bourgeois social being in particular, was always on the horizon of maturity Lukács concerns, especially in the field of Aesthetics and Ontology, gathering a categorical content at the level of the great thinkers, which earned him the recognition as one of the greatest philosophers of XX century. Also, it is undeniable the high level of his production, from his youth especially, in the matter of literary theory, knowledge socially widespread in European circles and extending around the world for decades.

In 2008, during his work about the historical path of Lukács, in which recovers the personality of Lukacs and its production in the twentieth century, the Italian philosopher Guido Oldrini had warned about the hostility towards Marxism and against the launch of a work of this nature. His expectation was that the time would give Lukács a deserved place in the history of thinking for his dedication to their battles and his studies. However, if at that time the objective conditions for dissemination of critical-revolutionary thought were unfavorable, currently there are even more unfavorable conditions, determined by a set of questions of economic, social and political order, pertaining to the capital’s structural crisis, with consequences that reach the level of barbarization of humanity.

We register our appeal to those who are responsible for the work collection of the Hungarian philosopher against the closing of the Lukács Archive, considering the importance of high-level thinking to these times when prevails the ideological decay. Time in which the high thinking achieved by the bourgeoisie until Hegel decays by determinations of bourgeois reality. From then, philosophy no longer proposes to think the fate of man as universal, but only to think about the interests of the capital. Hence the importance of a thinking such as Gyorgy Lukacs’ , whose trajectory in the twentieth century, contrary to the dominant trend, followed in the direction of thinking the origin and the destiny of humanity from the perspective of a critical-Marxist ontology.

We urge everyone to express repudiation to the decision to close the Lukács archive by signing the petition on the link below:

Instituto Lukács – Brasil


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